Washington DC Internship Opportunities for Guam Delegate Jim Moylan’s Office

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Calling all college students: are you looking for a once in a lifetime kind of experience? Would you like to work in our nation’s capital? Guam’s Delegate Jim Moylan (R- GUAM) is looking for interns in his DC office.  

Right before you enter Guam Congressman Jim Moylan’s Capitol Hill office, you’re greeted by a familiar sign that reads: Hafa Adai. But inside his office, you’re greeted by a couple of hardworking interns.  

“I got this internship through a previous intern here and he told me if you like international affairs you should go Guam,” said intern Connor Hale.  

Hale, Paola Roman and Anthony Neufville are a couple of Moylan’s interns. Each have different backgrounds with different interests and different roles within his DC office. But they all have the same goal: helping the people of Guam.  

“I’ve been doing legislative work and communications,” said Roman. “Most of the time I’m drafting bills, I’m doing research and also when it comes to communications, I like to do the advertisements for the office, etc.” 

“I’m a legislative researcher so my day to day looks different everyday,” said Hale. “Working with House Foreign Affairs, Intelligence Committee, Armed Services of course for the congressman.” 

Most of their contributions happen behind the scenes but some might see online or on social media. 

“My day to day consists of creating graphics, writing captions for posts that end up on Instagram,” said Neufville. “Writing speeches, consider them for scripts for videos that end up on our Instagram posts.” 

Now you could be part of the DC team, too. Moylan’s office is looking for people to join their Capitol Hill office in the spring. They’re looking for interns to help with communications and social media management as well as helping with legislative research, administrative tasks and other responsibilities. 

“He has a lot of big decisions to make and big meetings to attend so it helps to have a team such as our own to help him out and get some of the small things done for him,” said Neufville.  

But the small things really add up. It’s a huge help for Guam’s Delegate and his duties in congress and ultimately, his constituents.  

“If people like a challenging but rewarding experience, this office and the hill overall is something they should look into,” said Hale,  

“This has been an amazing experience and I want to encourage people around Guam or the United States to be part of this experience,” said Roman.  

Moylan’s office said they are offering paid internships to college students. The internship lasts for about 90 days. If you are interested and want to apply, visit this website.