Navy Accepting Public Comments on Memo Supporting Marine Corps Relocation to Guam

The public is invited to review and submit comments for a Programmatic Agreement memo in support of the Marine Corps relocation to the island; comment period ends June 26, 2023.

PA Memos provide an opportunity for interested members of the public to participate in the Section 106 consultation process required under the National Historic Preservation Act.

The following PA memo provides new cultural and natural resources information associated with planned construction projects and is available on the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Pacific Cultural Resource Information webpage at

The project proposes construction of the south predator exclusion barrier at Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz, Finegayan, Guam.

This is a 45-day public comment period and interested members of the community may submit comments via email to

Those without internet access may obtain a printed copy of this PA memo from the Guam Historic Resources Division, located at 490 Chalan Palasyo, Agana Heights, 96910 (in the Department of Parks and Recreation Office).

In addition, the community is encouraged to subscribe to regular updates and other information related to the Programmatic Agreement by visiting the Joint Region Marianas webpage and signing up here: